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Consultations and ordering by phone;
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Inspection Checklist

All Sonicare Solutions Inc. QC inspectors are required to be thoroughly familiar with all inspection methods, techniques and equipment used in their area of responsibility to determine the quality of an article purchased or sold. All inspection personnel must also maintain proficiency in the use of the various types of visual inspection aids to be used for inspection of the items undergoing acceptance inspection.

The Process

After the receiving inspector has visually inspected the unit and has made a finding as to the status of the unit the receiving inspector shall fill out the form as follows:
1. P.O. # - Enter the Purchase Order Number.
2. Date - Enter the date of the receiving inspection.
3. Part # - Enter the Part Number of the unit(s).
4. Description - Enter the Description of the unit(s).
5. S/N - Enter the Serial Number or Batch Number of the unit(s).
6. Qty. - Enter the Quantity of the unit(s) received.
7. Received From - Enter the name of the shipper or source of the unit(s).
8. Condition - Enter the condition of the unit.
If the unit(s) are accepted by the receiving inspector:
9. Accepted By - The receiving inspector will sign this block only.
10. Location - Enter the stock location where the unit(s) have been properly stored.
11. No further entries are required.
If the unit(s) are rejected by the receiving inspector:
12. Rejected By - The receiving inspector will sign this block only.
13. Location - This Block is preprinted with the word Quarantine. No entry required.
14. Reason - The receiving inspector will briefly describe the problem encountered during the receiving inspection.
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