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Consultations and ordering by phone;
Phone:    +1 561 244 8455
Fax:           +1 561 202 9701
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111 Commerce Rd
Boynton Beach, Florida, 33426

We maintain the latest inspection & testing procedures to ensure the highest level of product quality.

Our Certified Inspectors insure that every order is met with infallible accuracy. Our commitment to total customer satisfaction drives Us to continually adapt our procedures to the ever changing needs of our high technology industry.

Our Quality Process

Sonicare Solutions maintains the highest industry quality standards through strict supplier management, rigid product inspection procedures and an unwavering commitment to quality control. Our stringent quality procedures are our insurance policy that every shipment, to every Sonicare's customer, will be of the highest quality, every time.

Starts with a Qualification Process

Every supplier we work with must meet our standards for quality and reliability as well as deliver consistency by passing periodic supplier evaluations.
Learn More about our Inspection checklist
Visual inspection of both exterior and interior packaging
Digital microscopic photographs
Comparison to manufacturers specifications to insure form, fit, & function
Complete product verification
Products passing the above criteria are then scheduled for just in time delivery using, if requested, pre-defined custom labeling, packaging and invoicing procedures. Items requiring additional verification, may be subjected to the following in-house tests:
Marking Permanency
Acetone swipe tests
Heated Solvency
Methyl-P Test
Scrape tests
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