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Counterfeit Detection

Sonicare Solutions Inc. Counterfeit Detection Service is helping the electronic distribution industry detect and avoid counterfeit products from entering our American production lines.

Quality Inspectors

Our quality inspectors are trained in counterfeit electronic components avoidance by the Component Technology Institute.

OCM Verification

Sonicare Solutions Inc. will email pictures of the decapsulated part to the original manufacturer for a confirmation of authentic markings, date codes, lot codes, label verification and country of origin.

Data Sheet Review

Manufacturers data sheets are reviewed for proper packaging dimensions and markings.

Component Body Inspection

Using a digital microscope equipped with 200x magnification lenses, inspectors look for any surface defects including sanding, Black Topping and other remarking techniques used by counterfeiters to alter the appearance of the part. The devices are then measured using digital calipers to inspect proper size and dimensions outlined on the manufacturer's data sheets.

Solder Ability

Using a digital microscope equipped with 200x magnification lenses, inspectors look for oxidation and any other foreign residues that may harm the component or cores.

Marking Test

MIL-STD-883G component markings are compared to the manufacturer’s datasheet. If acceptable an erasing compounds is applied to the parts to check for original OCM markings.

Decapsulation Test

In order to achieve absolute die verification, a destructive process is required to expose the internal die of the component. We utilizes an automated JetEtch decapsulator. This decapsulating equipment allows us to microscopically inspect the substrate of the component, revealing the internal part number and logos supplied by the original component manufacturer. These internal markings are then compared with the external markings for exact authentication. Decapsulation reports and photos are provided with each decapsulation order.

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