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Consultations and ordering by phone;
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Excess Stock Program

Our OEM and CEM Excess Stock Management Program is designed to offer our clients a simple way to turn depreciated, unwanted and obsolete parts into cash. Your parts will be offered to our large, diversified customer base worldwide.
With our consignment programs, you can free up your valuable warehouse space and sit back and collect checks monthly. Concise, and accurate inventories are kept allowing you to know the status of your parts.

The Goal

The goal is for our clients to make money on items that are sitting on their shelves. While some of the items might have already been depreciated, instead of throwing them away, they can let us manage their inventory, sell it, and receive the larger share of the sales price.

Why do we offer this?

We receive a lower percent of the sales price while investing minimal amount of money on acquiring in-stock inventory. This allows us to work together with our customers in increasing their bottom line while building our relationship and trust. We also help our customers financially while increasing our relationship and trust.

The Process



The client sends us a list of their current stock that includes the part number, quantity, and manufacturer.



We approve the parts, sign the contract with our client, and prepare freight documentation.



The client packs the goods on approved pallets and waits for our courier to arrange a pickup time.



When the goods arrive to one of our warehouses, we count, inspect, repack and stock the items.



Once parts have been sold, the client will receive a purchase order from us on the parts and quantity that has been sold.

What If?

What if a client’s parts do not get sold?

We do not have a time limit to get the parts sold, so they will stay at our warehouse until the client decides otherwise.

What if the client wants some parts back?

Parts can be shipped back to the client at their expense. Certain limitations apply.
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