Contact Information

Consultations and ordering by phone;
Phone:    +1 561 244 8455
Fax:           +1 561 202 9701
Sales:       [email protected]
Support:   [email protected]
111 Commerce Rd
Boynton Beach, Florida, 33426

Part Testing

With an expert staff of highly experienced engineers and technicians supported by state-of-the-art facilities, we can provide a full range of reliability testing and services for virtually any test requirement of integrated circuits to customers throughout the world.

What we offer

- Component Test and Screening
- Qualification Test (Method 5005, Group A-D)
- Sub-Assembly and System Level Test
- Dynamic Test and Simulation
- ESS/Powered Temp Cycle
- DPA and Failure Analysis
- Parts Management Services
- Discrete Component Testing of all Technologies
- Linear IC Testing
- Digital IC Testing
- Mechanical Qualification
- Environmental Qualification
- Radiation Tolerance Verification for all Component Technologies
- Engineering and Analytical Services
- Parts Management Program with Supplier and Manufacturer Interface
- Dynamic Burn-In
- Static Burn-In
- System Level Test Capabilities
- Environmental Test/Failure Analysis
- Electrical Test Capabilities
- Mechanical Test Capabilities
- Burn-In/Life Test Capabilities
- Transportation Test Capabilities
- Engineering Services
- Quality Compliance/ Laboratory Approvals
- Parts Management
- Comprehensive Customer Service Program
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