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Our Avionics section has acquired the business of the aviation, electronic electrical and aerospace community, supplying domestic and international airline manufacture. Whether you are replenishing stock or have a time sensitive emergency, Sonicare Solutions Inc. is your proven support team.

Our Commitment

Whether it is planning for a heavy maintenance check or sourcing materials for new aircraft acquisitions, our packages are competitively priced and always traceable to authorized sources.
If not in our stock, our lead-times are low and our price is extremely competitive. Sonicare Solutions Inc. strives to meet our customers provisioning needs, not complicate them.

Aerospace Products

Sonicare Solutions Inc. has agreement with suppliers worldwide which allows us to supply you with any item that is available on the market for any aircraft. Lists of such items are:
Aircraft Bearings 
Aircraft Blind Fasteners
Aircraft Bolts
Aircraft Bushings,
Aircraft Cable Hardware
Aircraft Cable Ties
Aircraft Captive Fasteners
Aircraft Clamps (All Types)
Aircraft Clevis pins
Aircraft Clips
Aircraft Collars
Aircraft Connectors
Aircraft Cotter Pins
Aircraft Couplings
Aircraft Dowel Pins
Aircraft Electronic Hardware
Aircraft Eye Bolts
Aircraft Eyelet's
Aircraft Filters
Aircraft Fittings
Aircraft Fuses,
Aircraft Gang Channels
Aircraft Gaskets
Aircraft Grommets
Aircraft Handles
Aircraft Hinges & Hinge Pins
Aircraft Inserts
Aircraft Jo Bolts
Aircraft Jumpers
Aircraft Keys
Aircraft Knobs
Aircraft Lockheed standard
Aircraft Latches
Aircraft Lugs
Aircraft Nuts
Aircraft O-rings & Packing's
Aircraft Precision Hardware
Aircraft Pulleys
Aircraft Retainers
Aircraft Rings
Aircraft Rivets
Aircraft Scraper Rings
Aircraft Valves
Aircraft Screws
Aircraft Seals
Aircraft Shrink Tubing
Aircraft Spacers
Aircraft Specials Per Print
Aircraft Springs
Aircraft Standoffs
Aircraft Studs
Aircraft Switches,
Aircraft Terminal Blocks
Aircraft Terminals
Aircraft Tooling
Aircraft Turnbuckles
Aircraft Universal Joints
Aircraft Washers
and more
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