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Our Avionics section has acquired the business of the aviation, electronic electrical and aerospace community, supplying domestic and international airline manufacture. Whether you are replenishing stock or have a time sensitive emergency, Sonicare Solutions Inc. is your proven support team.

Our Commitment

Whether it is planning for a heavy maintenance check or sourcing materials for new aircraft acquisitions, our packages are competitively priced and always traceable to authorized sources.
If not in our stock, our lead-times are low and our price is extremely competitive. Sonicare Solutions Inc. strives to meet our customers provisioning needs, not complicate them.

Our Expertize


Aerospace Sourcing

Using us as your aviation supply chain partner allows you to easily and efficiently manage the logistics and documentation on the hundreds or thousands of airplane parts your operation requires.

When new aircraft parts are not readily available from inventory, you can utilize our spares parts Sourcing services to determine if a hard to find aircraft or engine part, component or accessory whether new, new surplus, overhauled, or serviceable, is available elsewhere in the market.

Through this service, our highly trained purchasing staff makes it possible for customers with airplane-on-ground requirements (AOG requirements) or other critical needs to obtain their required aircraft parts quickly and ensure cost savings while complying with the highest standards of Quality Assurance.

All suppliers are evaluated and audited and all airplane parts, components and supplies are inspected by our expert quality assurance team according to ISO 9001:2000 and TAC-2000 quality assurance. All airplane spares parts come with the required certificates such as FAA 8130, EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency), JAA Form one and the customary warranty.

Sonicare Solutions Inc. also provides special packaging of aviation related products according to the customer’s required specification. This includes the processing of Hazardous Material (HAZMAT) and Dangerous Goods according to all applicable standards.

Aerod Repair & Overhaul

Sonicare Solutions Inc. offers a variety of complete solutions for repair and overhaul services based on your specific needs.

We have the resources to support repair and overhaul services from authorized facilities for any aircraft part or engine which include inspection to ensure that the work performed is completed correctly. Contact us for a free consultation to receive a quote and information regarding a repair or overhaul service needed as well as sourcing parts to complete your request.

We offer repair and overhaul for most types of aircraft, both military and civilian. We have a network of facilities for stripping, sanding, wet lay-up, and curing as well as a spray shop to apply the specialized coatings and erosion boots.

Sonicare Solutions Inc. also provides service for a wide variety of non destructive tests, including Liquid Penetrate Inspection (LPI), Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) and Ultrasonic Inspection (UT). All technicians are fully certified and approved.

Repair and overhaul services is also provided for a wide variety of aircraft ground support equipment, including aircraft maintenance stands, helicopter towing bars, mobile and tripod hydraulic jacks, and portable floor cranes.
We provide several services which are created to fit all of your company needs at any given time. We also employ different programs within our services to best match your demands.
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